Challenge Accepted: Color Consistency

One of MiTek’s award-winning, color-coordinated hardware displays.

One of MiTek’s award-winning, color-coordinated hardware displays.

Construction giant MiTek USA, Inc. teamed with Imagine! Print Solutions FLEXO to achieve an award-winning merchandising refresh for their Builder Products displays in Lowe’s and Menards home improvement stores.

A Growing Partnership

MiTek is a Midwest-based global supplier of construction products, engineering software, and manufacturing machinery for the building industry. Imagine! Print Solutions FLEXO began a partnership with MiTek in 2015, initially supplying them label application equipment to print and produce their own product labels in-house. This setup worked great for small-scale production runs, but did not have the capacity to sustain the large rollouts needed to market their products at retail.

Imagine! FLEXO stepped in, delivering digital-printed and traditional flexo labels that were color-matched to coordinate exactly with the labels produced on MiTek’s own equipment. With several successful production runs under our belt, we quickly earned their confidence to expand production from labels to signage, packaging, bins, and other display accessories.

Color-Consistent Brand Overhaul

In order to stand out from the competition, attract shoppers, and boost home improvement retail sales, MiTek initiated a complete brand refresh of their builder product displays, including updated graphics and a strategic color scheme. These new, revamped displays would organize products into categories (fasteners, angles, general hardware, etc.) color-coordinated for shopper accessibility and shelf appeal.

To achieve their new cohesive look, MiTek turned once again to the experts at Imagine! FLEXO. We produced header signage, aisle violators, product labels, bins, channel strips, packaging, and even fabric tablecloths, utilizing our G7 color management systems to maintain color consistency across substrates, applications, print processes, and production divisions. This one-stop-shop approach allowed MiTek a more convenient campaign management experience, maximized their cost efficiency, and guaranteed quality and color consistency throughout and between displays. The tidy, color-coordinated builder product displays have been distributed and set in 1800 Lowe’s and 300 Menards retail locations nationwide.