360 degrees of differentiation. 

Printed shrink sleeve packaging surrounds the entirety of a bottle, container, or product, providing a full 360 degrees of brand messaging and instant personality. A mainstay in the consumer packaging industry, this flexible film label is heat-shrunk to conform seamlessly to the contours of any container, allowing for uniquely shaped designs and distinction from competing brands. Our experienced team will work with you to develop durable, long-lasting shrink solutions that capture shoppers’ attention and promote your brand.



      • Custom designs
      • 360 degrees of coverage for enhanced brand messaging and informational content
      • Conforms to unique or complex package shapes
      • Waterproof and scuff-resistant
      • Built-in tamper evidence
      • Durable; moisture & chemical resistant
      • Perforation/easy-open options
      • Variety of specialty inks, coatings, and finishing options
      • Single or multi-package

      Common Applications

      • Food and beverage containers
      • Household and cleaning products
      • Cosmetics
      • Health products
      • Industrial chemical bottles

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